Exam Strategy

Here are some tips I shared with my math class for answering the types of multiple choice questions you will encounter on the provincial exam. I think this is just as useful for the science provincial as well…

1. Read the question completely.

  • What is the question asking?
  • What useful information does the question give you? List it
  • What additional information do you require?

2. Look at the diagram/table or create one.

  • What information does the diagram give you? List it
  • Can you draw a diagram to clarify the problem?

3. Look at the answer choices

  • What do the choices tell you about the type of answer the question is looking for?
  • Are there any that you can eliminate immediately?

4. Solve the problem.

  • Is there any information in the data booklet that could help you?

5. Double check your work and answer.

  • Are the signs correct?
  • Did you answer the question asked?

About jdildy

I teach math and science at Stelly's secondary
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